River monsters.

I mentioned that our journey to Thailand was inspired by the show River Monsters on Animal Planet with Jeremy Wade. My husband researched the fishing resort that Jeremy Wade famously pulled out monsters from with the lakes on site. He of course was over the moon about what he might pull out from the stocked depths. The first few days were disheartening and fishing was sssslllloooowwwww. A few bites here and there but nothing he was able to pull in. His luck started to change and he reeled in his first Amazon Red-Tail Catfish. Gary ended up catching a few of the Amazon Red-Tails as well as an Siamese Carp and a Nile Perch. The elusive Arapaima was on his list and he had it hit his line once but unfortunately it got off each time. I have a feeling though in the future we will return and Gary will be able to capture his “white whale”.

Below are some action shots as well as the highlights of his biggest fish he reeled in! Monster, was certainly the right descriptor for these bad boys. What is unique about Gillhams is the time and effort into protecting these large beasts that the staff and guides take great lengths to do. They do not allow you to take the fish on shore, allowing the fish to recover from the battle of being caught a lot quicker as well as to be able to check them medically and treat them for any issues. This means that the angler gets an up close and personal experience diving in next to the great beast in it’s natural environment. And also creates a pretty sick photo-op.

Gillhams Fishing Resort was a unique experience and the staff and guides were phenomenal about making us feel right at home. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have some adventure and relax in a tropical oasis.  It was exciting to see my husband in his element and to celebrate with him on his catches. ❤


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