Vacay ’17

Well it has been three days since my husband and I returned to the US of A! I am wrangling jet lag and trying to get myself back on something that resembles a normal schedule. Of course, I made the mistake Saturday to sleep pretty much a hefty 10 hours, give or take, and that leaves me awake at ungodly hours of 3:45 am writing to you my dear readers. But I figured I will make the most out of the annoyance that is all things jet lag and catch up on blog writing,reading, and making out a short Walmart/Aldi list of things I forgot the other day.  #adulting #makinggoodchoicesintheweehours #timemaximization

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been silent it’s because we’ve been out of the country on vacation. Vaca-yay! After school burn-out and just the stressors of life, Gary and I were looking forward to time away together.

Woo hoo!!!

We took off two solid weeks of work and headed to Krabi, Thailand. This trip was specifically for my husband and his love for fishing as well as my love for new places and bucket list check-offs.  We booked our stay at the famous Gillham’s Fishing Resort as seen on one of our favorite TV shows, River Monsters on Animal Planet, and took in the gorgeous tropical view right from the large balcony of our room.  My brother-in law joined us in Thailand as well and we all certainly enjoyed spending time together.

The scenery at our resort was just u-n-r-e-a-l.

Pictures could barely do it justice for what our eyes witnessed. Blues and greens un-tethered from mass production and faux realities. I, like any good Millennial American girl, took a butt-load of photos and inundated my instagram and facebook feed whenever I was in wifi capabilities. (I cleared my phone BEFORE we left and ended up back home with about 600+ photos. #sorrynotsorry) But as I’ve learned after family passing that photos are ever so precious to me. Small glimpses of memories and moments in time frozen forever and telling a story that transcends time. So believe me the whole “too many photos thing” is not a thing I worry about.

With that said, I am going to share with you over a few posts all about our Thai experience! Enjoy!


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