“I see you have your jail shirt on. ”

One of my seasoned coworkers quips as she sees me make a bee line through the office.

I like stripes and polka dots.

Quite a bit actually.

Their whimsical yet simple pattern can make me feel elegant and put together in a snap. So much so, that one of my favorite shirts is in fact a classic black and white striped print. 

But aside from all of that, I’m an observer. I notice on a daily basis ,while on the job,the dismantled unrest and unsatisfied lives of those around me. I listen to the stress of people’s day to day routine and I hear the unhappiness in their voices. There was a period in my life where I added to the rumble of the day–I would find myself complaining about meaningless things and eventually realized my words were taking unnecessary form. Our words, our thoughts, and deeds have great impact in our corner of the world. No matter if it is as simple as coming into work everyday and voicing our distaste or finding the negative aspect of every situation we come up against. But I believe the root of a lot of grief stricken statements said in haste and with little regard are birthed out of unsettledness. 

You see, unsettledness is a breeding ground for an unsatisfied life. It waves through the structure of your relationships, emotions, and finances like a tide pool at an amusement park. It beckons every door you open and tells you everything doesn’t hit the mark. It loads you on the struggle bus everyday with others who give your dissatisfaction greater power and forces your veiw to only see the problem without a solution. But can I tell you, you don’t have to ride the struggle bus? You don’t have to hate every working day or the normalcy of life in your day to day routine. It’s easy to jump from one fleeting thought to the next. But we only find true, real peace from our Heavenly Father. We find rest in casting all of our care upon Him and walking not by sight but by faith. 

You don’t have to give into the lies of unsettledness, unworthiness, and decrepitude. You can love your life, your job, your coworkers, your boss, your every day repetitive tasks by committing them to the Lord. Have Him change your heart. If there is despair and regret in the dailies seek Him on giving you a fresh vision for your daily routine. God might lead you to go in a different direction and seek out new things, new places and ventures to satisfy your longings. The point is to seek Him. Dial in to His presence and He will guide you with peace. ❤️

Rooting for you in this great adventure. 



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