A few of my favorite things. 

Ahh, March. 

The budding of Spring and the exit of Winter. We have had some chillier weather hanging on out here in Oklahoma and I’ve been itching for warming weather to appear. There’s nothing like Spring and to see the metamorphosis of plants hibernating through the harsh valley of cold winter winds to the ever pleasant budding of green popping up all over the city. We had an extremely mild winter this year. 

Like complete white-girl mild. Vanilla on all levels, ya know? 

With the first official day of Spring underway we should be getting some sun kissed days . So since it’s Tuesday and all I thought what better thing to write about today then some of my favorite things! 

Below is a list of little things that I have been enjoying as of late:

1. Magnolia Journal, obv’s reasons for this one who doesn’t want to be in the world of all things Joanna Gaines, am I right? You can pick up your copy from your local newsstand OR you can order your subscription from Magnolia Market online. (Which I plan on doing really soon!) 

2. Basil Sea Salt hand soap, found this yummy 😋 soap at Marshall’s–my go-to store for my kitchen and have been loving its light sea salt fragrance. Plus it was only $4.99 so that’s a win-win!!

3. Pioneer Woman coffee mugs, ugh! I’m still obsessed with these mugs. They hold the perfect amount of coffee/tea beverage and are oh so pretty no matter what your kitchen decor is. You can pick some up from your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com. 

4. Aladdin plastic mini mason jars, as of late I have been using these all the time. I originally purchased them to serve individual strawberry shortcake desserts and when we moved before our house I had completely forgotten about them until we unpacked. They are now a staple in my kitchen and even prefer them over regular drinking glasses because they are so light and cute to use.

5. Fruit infused waters, any time I have fruit infused water I feel transported back to my beach days. There is nothing more refreshing then fruit infused waters giving you solid hydration while a fun swirl of flavor. My favorite lately is lemon and orange slices. 

6. Storage baskets, pretty much all over my house. You will find them under my bathroom sink, in my living room, and in my linen closet. I love how they keep everything nice and tidy and are always right on point with my decor. 

That’s all that I have for now!hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite things. Comment below of some things you are currently enjoying. 

Ciao for now! 


2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things. 

  1. For some reason I’m way behind on fruit infused water so I’m definitely going to make it a must try this week! I got millions of coffee mugs, so much coffee not enough coffee mugs 😉

    Love always,



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