We’re moving!

With the New Year I have been a little silent between juggling school and work. But I promise my silence will be well worth it because I have some exciting news to share! 

We are moving!!!   

   Gary and I dived into the home buying process this New Year and we purchased our first home together! We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives and can’t wait to move in and make this house our home. 

We close the end of this week. And I’m already counting down the days until Friday. It’s been an exciting journey to find the right home. But it was like God saved this one just for us and checked off all our wants on our list. 

Here’s a sneak peak inside. We are going to be doing some painting this week and changing out some hardware but we are so excited! Also those floors 😍 right?! I can’t wait to get in there and get to decorating. 

I will be updating our moving in journey and give you the before and after of it all. My design inspiration is coming from the lovely Joanna Gaines! As I am obsessed with the show Fixer Upper. 


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