It’s a new day. 

12:48 am and we stepped over into another year. Our night for New Year’s was spent with friends laughing and enjoying the last moments of 2016. We took advantage of the passing hours of December and strolled through local Christmas lights, played board games, and watched the countdown. 

We said our good nights and came home. Snuggling into the warmth of our bed together. Gary caught up on news and fishing related posts; I started reading about Joseph in Genesis 39 and the mind-blowing mercy that he bestowed upon his brothers after they sold him into slavery. And our God who is the God of second chances, fresh starts, reconciliation, and forgiveness. 

On our way home I couldn’t help feeling lighter.

 Leaving all the good and bad of 2016 in my rear view mirror and driving forward into the freshness of 2017 felt intentional. 

I want this year to be deeper than superficial check lists of resolutions and to-do’s. I want 2017 to be of purpose, vision, fresh starts, forgiveness, giving, and mind-blowing mercy. So whatever 2017 brings your way be intentional and full of mercy as we dive head first into this New Year. 


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