wrecked & ruined.

When you see firsthand the struggles or dark seasons someone else is walking through–your daily problems seem like nothing more than small inconveniences. Life and death, sickness, pain, and struggle, it’s all swirling around us in a world that has so little answers.

I was slapped in the face with this reality again today.

A dear friend lost her baby. I sat with her as tears streamed down her face. We sat around a small magazine table in old comfy chairs with bright yellow walls surrounding us. I listened as she warred with the conflicting feelings of her heart and head and she tried to make sense and grasp onto anything that could make reality feel like it was an awful nightmare that she just needed to wake up from. I prayed for her and tried to comfort her and all I wanted to do was make it better, make it right for her.

I’ve never lost a baby…a child of my own; so I don’t know that deep hurt. That ache of a small life leaving this earth too soon. Even the littlest of lives make great impact upon our hearts and our world. But I do know the hurt of loss. The loss of a loved one and the struggle to make sense of it all. The pain of missing conversations and get togethers that were so prevalent at one point in our life. The holidays and birthdays and celebrations that lack luster because they are missing…I know that pain. I know that kind of hurt.

But I have a Daddy.

A Daddy who has the answer for me and for you. I have a Daddy who takes care of my every single need, every single hurt, and every single pain that I go through. He’s promised to walk beside me through every stage of life, to never leave me or forsake me. And He promises this for you too. (see Deut. 31:6,Ps. 37:28, Is. 43:2, Is. 41:10) And I know that when I hurt He’s there to comfort and restore me. To heal my broken heart and move me forward.

If any of you have lost someone and you feel wrecked and ruined. Whether it’s a sweet child– young or old, a loved one, a parent, a friend, a spouse, take heart. (see John 16:33) One thing I am certain of is the devil is a liar.

He is the author of death and destruction, not God.

He is the one who steals lives before their time, not God.

God loves you so much and He wants to take that pain away. He wants to heal your heart and bring you peace. I urge you to reach out to God and run to Him. His Word says that He rides the heavens to come to our aide. (see Deut. 33:26) He doesn’t sit idly by. He is not the author of confusion or pain. My God is the healer, the one who is faithful, and full of life. (see 1 Cor.1 :9, 1 Cor. 14:33) Cling to Him, open His Word and let it be the balm that heals the open wounds of your soul. Know that you are not alone. (see Joshua 23:8, Psalm 147:3) You are not in this life by yourself sifting through the broken pieces. I’m praying for you; that you would come into His rest.

Take all of your wrecked & ruined pieces of your heart and let Him mold you back together.

Let Him take your loss and give you life.



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