positive on purpose. 

Our choice, our response is so vital. 

We live in a world where we are consistently inundated with opportunities of comparison, worry, fear, stress, anger, disappointment, depression, and even hopelessness. But in the face of all the chaos the media spreads or even the storm we find our own selves in– we each have a choice. A choice to live positively, to speak positively, and to think positively. 

 The way we respond to that choice is what dictates our day to day world view as well as our future. Without realizing it we create a legacy intertwined of choices and responses as we live out our adventure of life. 
How do we choose to respond positively? 

1. First off, I beg to ask the question what are we mentally and spiritually ingesting in our daily walk? What we keep in the forefront of our thoughts and in our environments affects our spiritual well-being. 

2. Who’s your audience of influence? Are there people in our life constantly cutting down your successes, complaining, or even jealous of seeing you or others move forward in life? If so, it’s time to weed out toxic influences in your environments. 

3. Ingrain a new way of thinking. If you’ve become a victim to negative thinking and can feel the effects of its life-sucking grasp take the steps to change it! As long as we have breath in our lungs we have the opportunity to change. We can form new habits, speak life to our minds, our family, our friends, and co-workers. We can be a vessel of influence in everything we do. 

4. Don’t lose focus.The first place we can find peace and joy is by meditating on the Word. The Bible changes us from the inside out; exposing the weeds in our hearts garden and bringing to light the area of our life that is in need of pruning. Keep a journal or write down things you are thankful for. Keep note of  things that bring you joy and how God works in your life. Reflecting on the good makes any part of the road bumps in life seem like specks of dust. 

As the last few days of 2016 roll out and a new chapter begins in 2017 lay hold of all that is in front of you. Allow your words to be infused with peace, encouragement, and the Word. Don’t allow negative thoughts to keep a stronghold in your mind and hold you back from all that God has for you in this coming year.

 Go forward and be positive on purpose. 


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