things are just things.

It’s no surprise that my heart will forever be in Uganda, Africa. I knew that after that trip in June with my husband something would change in my heart. I had dreamed of Africa for far too long to not be affected by that country. Those red dirt roads, those bright smiling faces, the little hands reaching out for mine, and the feet that have walked miles upon miles in only their few short years. There are some days just thinking about those kids brings me to tears. When we re-entered U.S. soil things were put into perspective for me, more so then previously –as I went back to my day to day routine and grind, I was reminded daily of how grateful I am for the things God has and does provide for my family and I. Things that used to seem like a big deal to me I knew I could conquer with ease after seeing the daily plight of others half way around the world. Trivial matters and concerns seemed of little importance when compared to the larger scheme of things overseas. I knew that a shift had taken place in my mindas well as in my heart and things just weren’t the same for me. 

Because things are just things.

Things don’t have a heart beat and crave love.

 Things don’t need a God to redeem and heal. 

Things are pretty and fun,…but soul-less. 

And I don’t ever want to lose myself and the vision of soul reaching because I’m wrapped up in things. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having things– but it becomes a problem when things have you.

When things have your heart.

I don’t want to allow myself to lose focus and to lose the vision of what all of this life has to offer and what it is all about. I want to serve God with my whole heart and lay down everything at His feet. Even a little thing like a bracelet club, in order to put my time, talents, and attention where He leads. After I got back from Africa, I left my job of 2 years at St. John Hospital and ventured into a new position with St. Francis Hospital. To celebrate my promotion and transition my husband signed me up for a bracelet club that I would receive on a monthly basis from a local company that is known around town for all things pretty! As much as I enjoy receiving those little treats each month in my mailbox, I feel my heart being tugged in another direction. I long to do something more than serve self. I want my heart to be in the little things and to be able to make a roaring impact in the lives of those around me and across the world. That’s why I’ve decided to take that first step in obedience to start 2017 off by meeting someone else’s needs across the world. Gary and I will be sponsoring a child through Compassion International. Compassion International is known for impacting children and their families lives with the love of God for many years. They have paved the way for children in developing countries to receive medical treatment, an education, and an overall better livelihood through their charitable efforts as well as the compassion and donations of sponsors from all over the world. Compassion International can’t do what they do with you and I stepping out and stepping up to the call to make a difference in someone else’s life.

We may not always realize it but our lives are connected to people who are in need and who are looking for answers.

Our purpose is to fill the gap and meet the need.

No need is too little or too big.

I encourage you to seek the Lord on how you can make an impact this upcoming year and affect the world around you for His kingdom. 

**If you would like to sponsor a child or get involved with the incredible ministry of Compassion International visit them at their website:



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