the best.

I enjoy a calendar filled with fun activities and interests. All of the lunch dates, movie nights, coffee outings, antique perusing and even pedi’s on the weekends…

All of it makes my heart leap.

But I tend to get myself tangled up with over commitment at times and before I know it I am in a puddle of tears, worries, and regrets because I have added too much to my plate. This is especially true during the fall and spring semester of college when classes are in full swing. Classes, homework assignments, juggling full time work and a fitness schedule becomes a balancing act. Maybe you too have found yourself in the same predicament. Maybe even, year in and year out you sludge out the muck of over commitment but find yourself wrapped right back up in it’s snarly grasp to find yourself overworked and unsatisfied all over again.

After many months of eager desire I finally purchased a copy of Lysa Terkeurst’s book, “The Best Yes” and boy am I glad I did! (Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of her book, even if you don’t feel the weight of over commitment.) Lysa has a way of uncurling the layers of our heart and completely dispelling the notion that  we are alone in the chaos of life. I have found that the first few chapters I am in to be aggressively refreshing and relatable on every level.

Lysa discusses the importance of un-rushing our life to make room for God in our everyday. So that– we can give Him our very best and in turn respond with the best ‘yes’. It’s a habitual practice to say ‘yes’ in the midst of a world of demands and conveniences. But Proverbs 29:20 warns us of making decisions with haste; “Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.” I believe that a lot of the weight of our over commitment comes from making decisions in haste and worrying what others will think about us, what expectations we have placed on ourselves, or things that really aren’t where God is leading us. We can become so over expectant in what Lysa calls ‘ the disease to please’ that we push God to the backburner of our life and allow ourselves to go take a ride on the crazy train.

But our ‘yes’ is developed out of relationship and intimacy with God. Once cultivated our ‘yes’ becomes easy and well treasured because it is governed by the leading of the Holy Spirit and not our fleshly desires to go any which way. Our best ‘yes’ becomes the birthplace of vision in our lives, where God gives us the sneak peak of what’s on the horizon.

I want to live my life that way.

Marked with “best yes’s” coloring every one of my year’s. I want to tune into God’s leading and direction that any other static is drowned out by His voice always.

So why don’t you join me.

Un-rush your life.

Tune in to God and wait to give your ‘best yes’ with His leading.



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