Love Day 2016


A few Saturday’s past our church reached out to our city in a huge way. We had a day solely dedicated to outreaches all over our city where we served the people of Tulsa. Outreaches that ranged from Habitat for Humanity housing projects to the Eastern Food Bank of Tulsa to Community Kids Centers to nursing homes and more. We were being purposeful in our commitment to be the hands and feet of Jesus and make Him known. We as a church hold a tightly held belief that ‘saved people, serve people’– and everything that our church does is centered on and around people by meeting them where they are at spiritually and filling the gap with the love of God. And with purpose behind the passion our church rallied together  with over 2,000 volunteers who gave up their time to love people in their own backyard.

As a part of our #LoveDay16 outreach, I had been given the opportunity to lead a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party outreach on our central campus! I was very excited for our group to rally together and cut shoe patterns that would become shoes for little girls and boys in Uganda. Our Love your Neighbor Missions team had just had the opportunity to participate in the Sole Hope Outreach in Uganda two months prior– that I shared about in my previous post–so to be able to bring what we learned and experienced first hand back home was huge!  As you can imagine when the opportunity was available for me to lead a Sole Hope group I was overjoyed.

God has a way of helping us bloom where we are planted if we are open and willing to be used by Him.

Our outreach filled to the brim with 50 spots reserved for the shoe cutting party and many others still wanting to join and attend. In our short time together that Saturday morning we cut 79 pairs of shoes!!! We were able to assemble them in pairs and bag them up to be shipped to Uganda where tailors and cobblers finish the shoes and Sole Hope is able to hand out the final product.

If you would like to host your own shoe cutting party, gather some friends, your youth group, or a bunch of people who just have a passion to serve and be a part of something bigger than themselves and visit the link below. Sole Hope is doing wonders for the people of Uganda and you can be apart of something that changes lives for the better. Step out and be a blessing, you won’t regret it!

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