cozy corner.

There’s a cozy little corner, a little space I like to go to in my minds eye where everything around me is seen with rose colored glasses and life seems almost magical.

A place where I can hear the music from my heart and I leap into the pounding of my footsteps on the cement. I think at one point or another we all feel that spring in our step, the waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing all is well in our little corner of the world, but I found myself recently stuck temporarily in bed for the weekend nursing a summer cold and feeling a bit less full of sparkle and vitality. Daily chores and the rigor of life felt weighty instead of the proper pins and balances that they should be kiltering at because of my physical malaise. I mustered up the little strength I had to whip up a batch of my home-made chicken soup. With my lack of energy; my wheels began to turn about our own spiritual/daily walks.

When your immune system is waging war against viruses and bacteria you will feel less than your best . And in life you can feel like you lost a bit of your sparkle. Trials, tribulations, circumstances, health, relationships, stress, all of it can wear on our soul and allow us to get weary.

But it’s those times especially that we must keep our mouths in line with the Word of God (see Proverbs 8:6) and our thoughts on His promises and assurances. (see Psalm 77:12)

When we uproot bitterness, unforgiveness, negativity, and tap into the blessing of peace He has given us we can’t help but see a solution in every circumstance and ever trial because we know we will come out on the other side victorious. (see Isaiah 54:17) I touch on this subject I feel quite a bit throughout my blog, it seems to be a running theme in my own life as well as in the lives of those around me. I see that in our world today it’s easy to steer our mindset away from the things of God and not to rely on His faithfulness and goodness when everything in life goes into a chaotic chatter. But what we need is perseverance! And the ability to shut out the noise of the world. Even if that means getting out of our normal routine and spending more time with God. Even if that means distancing ourselves from people who speak doubt and disbelief into our lives or who try to persuade us to compromise our values. The lack of strength in our own life makes us become weak and easily tired out against the hurls of life and our enemy. But our strength comes from spending time in the Word of God and speaking with Him. Our strength comes when we are plugged into the Creator and seek Him above all the worldly choices, opinions, and beliefs. (see Psalm 31:24,Romans 12:12,Galations 6:9)

We must not lose hope or our strength!

I encourage you to slow down the rigor of your day-to-day and find a cozy corner with Him and spend time getting your strength back. Spend time basking in the goodness and faithfulness of the one true God who goes before you and is with you. (see Psalm 14:5, Psalm 34:10, Psalm 34:15) Get your strength back and sparkle in a world that is less than shiny with the truth of God!


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