Pastor Moses.

By now I think it is apparent how this trip to Uganda, Africa deeply affected me. The mosquito nets, the red dirt and dust that covers everything, the land and its thick foliage and tall trees, the hardworking people who just keep moving on, all of it pressing into the corners of my heart and taking up residence. One of those Ugandan’s gave me goosebumps and I could sense from the moment I met him he was a mighty man of God. A man who knew God on an intimate level and it shined in everything he did.

His name is Pastor Moses.

Pastor Moses led our group to rural villages to do house visits and an AIDS hospital to pray for people and minister to them. He spoke not just with precise speech but authority about the healing of God. I loved listening to him and hearing how easily he demonstrated his faith to his people in his land. He would advise us before we went to see people that were HIV positive or had AIDS to not be emotional or sad but full of strength and faith. He prepared us to go in as warriors of Christ and to take authority over sickness and disease. We had the opportunity to lay hands on these precious people and speak life over them. We left clothing, household items, and food to assist them but most of all we left them the Bible to pour over and speak over their own lives. I was so surprised to see how people received and honored us when we came to their homes. They brought out their best of whatever they had. Benches for us to sit on, children changed into their best dresses and the only dresses they had. We were honored with kneeled legs as a sign of respect– which was hard to grasp because we were nobody just people who allowed God to come into their lives and be His disciples. But the reverence they did bestow upon us because of Who we serve was precious and completely humbling.


What I learned towards the end of our trip is what Pastor Moses does every single day. Pastor Moses gets up early in the wee hours of each morning and for a few hours he prays and intercedes for Uganda and for Africa. When I heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks, reminding me how truly important and vital prayer is to our lives and what that does for the life of the believer. Prayer at times can be looked upon as the last hope, but really should always be regarded as our first line of defense.

Psalm 34:15 says; The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are attentive to their cry.

He hears us.

Our prayers do not fall upon deaf ears, they don’t bounce off the ceiling of our room and hit us in the face. Our prayers go directly to God. He hears us, is available to us, and will take care of our every need. The Bible says; … our prayers are like a sweet smelling aroma to God. (Ps. 141:2) Hearing about Pastor Moses faithfulness and his commitment to the healing of his and his people’s land raised the bar for me.

It’s a beautiful reminder for myself and for all of us to pray for our land. To intercede for our country and our government. We see so many pitted images of death and decay move upon our screens in America, we see unspeakable tragedies and injustices play out before our eyes but we must not remain silent. 

We must press into God and pray for our country. 

We must pray for change and for God to heal our land.

We must pray. 




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