Uganda, Africa


I want to go back.

4 flights to get there and 4 flights to get home.

We’ve been back since Sunday, the 12th of this month, and I’m already itching to go back. Africa lodged its way and people into my heart like no other place I’ve ever been to and it will forever be ingrained in my thoughts and heart. God provided for Gary and I to go, and this was our first international trip together. We certainly were not disappointed. It truly was the best trip and we served with the best team. Everyone molded together and worked like a well-oiled machine each specializing in their gifts and callings. Everything about Africa, the people, the land, and the way of life, all of it was now in front of me and I couldn’t look away. Brooke Fraser’s lyrics to the song ‘Albertine’ that birthed my love for Africa so many years ago echoed in my head as we drove miles upon miles throughout Jinja“…now that I have seen I am responsible, faith without deeds is dead.”

I wanted to see it all.

You would find me on our bus that we rode in from village to village quietly absorbing. Absorbing the faces of the people, the struggle, and everything that makes Africa– Africa.

I miss Africa.

I miss those kids.

I’m at a loss for words right now on how to describe it all to you. I think that some part of me is still absorbing and trying to make sure that it wasn’t all just a dream. But throwing yourself back into the routine of everyday life in the States is hard after seeing and experiencing all of what a third world country consists of. Your worldview has now been shifted and those small problems of the everyday don’t seem that significant when you see others constant plights first hand. I will try to expound further in later posts but wanted to give you all a glimpse into our adventure and what makes my heart truly happy.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

You can follow our adventures through Instagram and #allevasinafrica for more pictures and exciting places we submerge into.





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