may days.

May days.

Summer is upon us and it’s time for weekend adventures to ramp up! I enjoy sharing with you all about my little slices of life and adventure as they are birthed. This weekend was nothing short of nonstop enjoyment! And after the previous week of heartache after losing my Grandma, I really needed to have the joy of life and good friends breathed back into my heart.

Friday night, Gary and I decided to catch a movie at our local theater and we finally got to see The Jungle Book. I thoroughly enjoy the beloved classic Disney pieces and this movie of course came to life on the screen. If you haven’t seen it yet make it a must watch for the start of your summer vacay.

Saturday was a full day with an alarm sounding off at 5:15 am to get ready and meet my Mom for strawberry picking. One of our local farms has strawberries ready for the season and I was eager to get my hands on some sweet and juicy berries. With coffee in hand we met up at her church and drove out to Gibson Gardens in Bixby, OK. My mom invited a sweet girl that she works with to join us and we had a great time laughing and picking strawberries in the chilly Saturday morning air. I am a city girl at heart but I love going out to the country and picking berries early in the morning. I usually go out and pick blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries at another location in Broken Arrow, OK. for the last few years but I enjoyed picking one of my favorites this Saturday!

Of course, I always find some type of animal friend to pet and love on while I’m out there too. There was a sweet grey and white striped tom cat on the farm who I coaxed into coming my way and we became instant friends. (MEOW!)

We picked a bunch of strawberries and made our way to a local mom and pop restaurant for breakfast. There’s nothing like bacon and blueberry pancakes that makes waking up early oh so worth it. We parted ways after good food and full bellies and I headed home to get ready for CrawFest with my husband and good friends of ours. It was Gary and I’s first time eating crawfish and we absolutely loved it. The music and the smell of Louisiana spices wafting through the air made it feel like we were in the Cajun territory. The food was delicious! Gary and I split 2lbs. of crawfish and topped it off with fresh beignets for dessert. Our friends invited us to go with them to tour a $500,000 dream home giveaway for St. Jude. We weaved in and out of rooms being goofy and taking in the beautiful property. We even caught a good garage sale in the neighborhood and us girls walked away with two great treasures. Completely spur of the moment we all decided to head over to the Tulsa Zoo for the afternoon! It was an absolute lovely day for the zoo regarding the weather and almost every exhibit was fruitful as all the animals were out and about. With the zoo behind us we made our way home with ice cream cones in hand. Gary and I hurried home and got my mom’s birthday gifts all ready as we went to go meet my family for dinner to celebrate my mom. It was a full Saturday but certainly one worth remembering and enjoying. Here are some of our snapshots of the day!


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