destination addiction.

Destination addiction, a little phrase with a powerful punch. Something–that if left unchecked can become a huge hindrance in our life. Throughout my life I have watched myself, family, and friends experience destination addiction in one form or another. The mindset that once I get that boy or girl, that job, move to that city/state, have more money, have these types of clothes, have those specific friends, my life will be complete and I will be satisfied and happy.

But the enemy loves to make us feel inferior and like our lives count for nothing. That our day to day of our everyday is pointless and uneventful. Destination addiction keeps us unsatisfied and hungry for something we can’t quite reach. What we must do is look beyond ourselves and look to the Word of God for our security and satisfaction. We have to separate the facts vs. our feelings. We must stop believing the lies of the enemy and have God’s Word deep down in our heart that anything that tries to contradict that Word we reject it. Without God’s leading and first place in our life we are wandering with no solid foundation. Maybe you have missed it along the way. Maybe you’ve made decisions based on fleeting feelings or emotions that were hot in the moment. But when we put our trust in God and give Him all of us, our whole world and heart, His Word leads us. It shows us where to turn, it nudges us to move forward, to wait, or to step back. Psalm 34:10 says; the lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. With God, His Word is a guarantee. It’s not a wish, an I hope so, or a maybe, it’s a guarantee… it is fact.

So I want you to ask yourself something, can God use you right where you are? Is God bound by your lack of money, status, position? Do we really trust that God is working everything out in our lives for good and has already provided for everything we need?

I know what you’re thinking…but Lauren my situation is different, time is running out, I’m afraid of what others will think.

Take all of that worry, fret, regret, and confusion ball it up and throw it far from you.

The Bible says Fear Not 365 times…coincidence?

I think not.

God knows us, He formed and shaped us and He remembers that we are merely dust. (see Psalm 103:14; 139:13 and Jeremiah 1:5) He cares about us more than we can comprehend, with a love that doesn’t waver or fail.

Trust Him.

Forget pushing your way through life and lean into Him. He won’t steer you wrong or leave you abandon.

Trust Him…


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