weekend adventures. 


I wanted to share with you all our little weekend getaways as they come up. Gary and I both love getting away on the weekends. It’s always nice to relax and spend time together especially when it involves a whole lotta sunshine and water.

Even for just a little bit.

I’ve shared with you all that fishing is something Gary is very passionate about. And I have to say he is wonderful at it. We saw a lot of gar jump out of the water and flip their tales as if they were teasing us that we couldn’t quite catch them. Gary was able to snag a paddlefish and lug him in. He turned out to be a nice size and gave a good fight. Here are a few pics from our time out at Fort Gibson this weekend.

We were out at Fort Gibson for quite a while on Saturday and we soaked up a little too much sun. But we did make up for it by getting snow cones together afterwards at our favorite snow cone location in Broken Arrow.

Summer is on the horizon and for this Florida native it has already begun in my opinion, just not officially. I’m looking forward to many more sunshine filled days with my man.



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