apartment living 

Apartment living is that of intrigue, excitement and aggravation. But as Gary and I have learned it’s all in what you make of your space that keeps you happy and healthy both mentally and physically. Gary and I have been lucky that in our 5 years of marriage we have had the privilege of living on the second floor of both apartments we have occupied during our newly married years. And I say privilege, because even know you have to lug groceries up two or even one single flight of stairs you’re getting a little bit of cardio in your day. We also have the upper-hand of not having to hear “upstairs neighbors” walk back and forth. And yes, even know heavy furniture has been carried, pulled, pushed, and shoved up those stairs, in the end it has always been worth it to be in a space we share together. Ok, ok enough about me romanticizing upstairs living. But I do believe life is better lived with looking in on our blessings and being thankful for every season of life and everything we are given.

Our first apartment allowed us to have two balconies. One of our balconies was off of our living room and the other off our bedroom. Many adventures, memories, and warm-fuzzy moments have been shared on those balconies. We have watched fireworks together on those balconies, camped under the stars on those balconies, listened to a warm summer rain, witnessed sweet baby birds being born, prayed, ate breakfast, sun-bathed, took Sunday afternoon naps, read many books, and small gardening has happened on those balconies.

Recently I purchased a tiered green house for my current balcony to allow myself the opportunity to grow and harvest small herbs, vegetables, and fruits to my liking. I have a fondness for gardening and plunging my hands down into seedling soil. There’s nothing like picking berries or cutting herbs for infused waters and tea. This weekend brought with it a monsoon of rain making our grassy knolls and back alley streets mini oceans without the sand and waves. But much to our distaste for the soggy atmosphere it was the perfect time to pot some of my new blueberry and raspberry bushes. I thought I would share with my little “blogettes” how easy it is to have a small space but still enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Literally and pun intended.


As with anything ventured on the weekends I am preconceived to ponder deeply as I work. With seedlings sprouting all around me I couldn’t help but be filled with contentment and thankfulness for every season in my life and how God has provided for us. With every storm and summer rain God has never left my side and I’m so thankful for His presence in my life. There are not many constants in a fast-paced moving world but when God is in your corner—His faithfulness abounds and never wavers. Malachi 3:6 says; “For I am the Lord your God, I change not.” In my almost 25 years on this earth I am still amazed at His goodness and faithfulness when we can be so unfaithful. That’s something to rejoice about! No matter what goes on around us our God is a faithful, constant, Father who never runs out, who is full of grace and mercy, loving kindness, and a shield to those who follow after Him. I love what 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says; “…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” So if you find yourself pondering…give thanks. Give thanks for all that God has done for you and will continue to do in your life. I challenge you to make a list weekly of things you are thankful for, a list to look back on when life seems perfect, when it seems topsy-turvy, or when you need encouragement. Allow Him to speak to your heart and use you to speak His Word. He isn’t finished with you and has only begun His great plans for your life. Learn to savor the fullness of His love and lean in to His unfailing faithfulness with thanksgiving in your heart.




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