Celebrate joy.

A few week’s ago I sat outside on a Saturday afternoon soaking in the joy of life. I’ve allowed the wind to jostle my curls around my face and feel the prickling sensation of goose bumps on my arms as my husband fishes away. It’s still a bit chilly here in Oklahoma and I’m itching for the warmth of the summer sun to kiss my skin.

There’s many times I take for granted what God has given me– the life He has laid out for me. But every sun soaked afternoon I’m reminded of just how purely good He is and how grateful I am to be loved by such a wild God. I’m reminded when I look at my life simply. When I see the everyday things God has provided for me and how He continues to make a way for me and this is how I know that life is good because of His undying faithfulness.  Many of you must know by now that I am a Florida native living in the bustling, urban city of Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wonderful husband of almost 5 years next month (woot, woot!!) and our two spoiled rotten cats Snoopy & Tigger. It’s easy for my heart to skip a beat at the sound of rapidly flowing water and the smell of coconut and Coppertone and to forget my beach ridden roots is unlikely; but I am human.

I need reminding of where I came from, Who’s I am, and what my purpose is. It’s so wonderful to know that with a simple flip of the pages of my Bible that reassurance is never any farther than arm’s length. I love the perspective of Psalm 103:14; For He knows how we are formed, He remembers that we are dust. You and I are dust broken down and I love that God in His fullness, mercy, and grace remembers that but still wants to be ever so close to us.

I believe that we should celebrate life and run at it with full, wild, force. That no matter what may seem to be screaming around us we should rejoice! Seasons of sorrow can be the hardest to praise your way through but when you do the reward is so fully tangible you have no insecurities of defeat. So here’s to joy! Celebration of all of  it’s wild goodness and purity when we live in the fullness of His joy.


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