Preparation is key in keeping yourself motivated and moving towards your goals. I believe that a lot of success in fitness and just in life in general is due to people who are thoroughly prepared for whatever comes their way and will stop at nothing to hit the mark.
Now, not to get on the crazy-extreme train with preparedness—as there are things in life we cannot always be ready for-BUT-when it comes to hitting it hard in the gym and crushing your workout, prep is key.
A great way for me to stay focused and motivated is to plan out my workout times in advanced. I do this in a number of ways, I keep a whiteboard calendar at my desk, a day planner in my purse at all times and if neither of those resources are available I print off a free monthly calendar from Google to plan out my gym days. I’ve talked before about how important lists are to me. Lists help me stay organized, keep track of responsibilities, and really prioritize my time. The old saying goes; “what matters most to you, you will make time for”, is true in every form. What we prioritize becomes our focus and over all sways the way we run our life. Seeing my days pre-planned with my workout times set aside helps me to stay accountable and wanting to get my butt in the gym. With prepping I incorporate my rest days and what area I want to exercise that session. Weights are a big part of my routine because they get the heart rate up quickly and they also burn the most fat while shaping and forming the muscles underneath. After a good gym sess’ I feel strong and able to conqueror anything! It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of if only we would set aside the time and dedication to keep on going.
Here is an example of what my prep looks like:

The biggest thing is doing what works best for you and not getting discouraged during the process! What are some ways you have found beneficial to keep you accountable and consistent?


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