Two things.

Have I ever told you guys how much I hate the word, “diet”. Like, seriously– hate it. And when I say hate I mean; toe curling, face cringing, gag worthy, hate.
Yea, so I hate diets.

Diets drag along the connotation that once I’ve lost x-amount of weight or once I’ve reached my goal I can go back to the way I want to eat and the way I either want to exercise or not. Simply to say diets, don’t necessarily bring about “life change”, they bring about reaching a goal and then hitting rock bottom again. I’m not trying to be harsh, but sometimes facts and the truth of a matter can mess with our comfort level and get us agitated, or maybe we need a Snickers bar. 
Diet scams, fads, supplements that promise the world. All of it. I hate them because they cheapen nutrition and leave the masses to think that those pounds they put on are as easy to flip right off like a light switch and the results will be perfect wash board abs, toned, firm butt, etc., etc., etc. Blah, blah, BL-YUCK!
I may not be the fittest girl…yet. 😉 But I do have a working knowledge of what is truly “healthy” in such a convenience driven world. The age-old information we have had pumped into our brains, I’m sorry to say rings truer every day.
You. Are. What. You. Eat.
That age-old anthem that you’re Grandma and your Momma used to sing to you is still true today. We are a product of what we consume. Living a healthy life comes down to two things and they are key. That’s right just TWO things and not for $19.95* plus shipping and handling. Eating right and exercising—daily. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. You’ve bought into the whole health world but there are so many other factors weighing in on your choice to move past hungry and to become satisfied. Believe me, when I say you are not going to get it from empty fillers, any magic wrap, pill, or drink, or even diet plan “that is so HOT in Hollywood” right now. Being healthy from the inside out starts in the kitchen and ends in the gym. Because just like you learned years ago in Anatomy and Physiology, form follows function. Living a balanced life is by living a nutritious life. Our bodies have taken years of conditioning towards artificial sweeteners, starches, preservatives and the like that our taste buds recoil at the very mention of “healthy eating”.
But it’s worth it. Anything good always is, and just like anything we must maintain balance in our lives so that we can live a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’ve thought about heading into a healthier path but are too crunched on time, money, etc. that you feel like you don’t know where to start. I want to encourage you to make the steps today, even if it’s just a little step towards life change. Challenge yourself as we make our way into October this week. When we take steps for better health we improve our future. I’ll be sharing more on how to live a healthier life, tips and tricks to beat the gym blues, ways to keep you inspired, and fun nutritious recipes for on the go.


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