NYC Dream Center

A city full of people. People from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, all different shapes and colors. Beautiful people inhabiting one area. New York City is densely populated and it’s no big revelation that the largest city in America is also the loneliest.

Two weeks.
Two weeks since I have returned from my 2nd domestic mission trip with Church on the Move. I’ve been rendered a bit speechless since returning– so please endure with me while I attempt to articulate, spit, and sputter out my experience for you. As I stated, this has been my 2nd domestic mission trip and I am still in awe of just how good God is and how He proves Himself faithful every single time.
If I can be transparent for a moment– as the day slowly approached for me to head out on this journey my heart quivered in anxiety for fear of not knowing anyone and not knowing if I would fit in. My heart and head go back to that mind space of a little girl just wanting to have a forever friend and sometimes you just have to shake yourself from that unnecessary grandeur of worthlessness and step out in the confidence of who God has called you to be.  Thankfully, anytime I stretch the half of myself that is not an extrovert and get outside of my comfort zone I always witness a great yield of incredible products. The thing about COTM missions’ is that I feel at home with these guys, like a close knit of extended family that I get the privilege to do life with.  There’s nothing better than being surrounded by a community of like-minded and missions motivated people to stir your heart and give peace to your spirit.  With each trip that I am able to attend– my heart is cultivated more and more for people across the world and how truly important and vital what we have is shared.

From my experience thus far, missions is a letting go of your own comforts and fully committing and serving others at every step. The whole “I” persona and self-sought throne, truly takes a back seat and you are reminded just why you are here and why you are doing what you are doing. Missions is not a vacation—it’s not an all-inclusive Sandals experience. But it’s a spiritually, physically, and mentally all-encompassing to give of yourself to serve others. Let me tell you, it is so rewarding!

Domestic missions can at times get a bad rap, only because we live in the U.S.A. and many feel that missions efforts are wasted in their backyard. But let me assure you that this is not the case. It’s easy to see the grand landscape of America and think, does this country, do these people really need me? Every single person that has breath in their lungs needs what we believer’s have…and that’s Jesus.

For so long and through out history people have been robbed of true Joy. It was of no surprise that when our team boarded the subways each day or sang loudly in restaurants to the background music–people saw Joy. True, unrelenting, inhibited, joy. Because that’s what we have through God! People immediately would comment, “…you all aren’t from around here are you…you are too happy to be from New York.” We had many people even think we were under the influence because we were so joyful! Haha! What a powerful example of God’s joy in the streets of New York City.

This post is quite extensive so I will be continuing my trip details in a series of posts and hope to have you along for the journey. 🙂



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