When the need stares back at you, you can’t dismiss it away and neglect it. When you physically see with your beating heart and the breath in your lungs the soul in front of you that desperately needs aid, desperately needs shelter, desperately needs protection, desperately needs food and water, you can’t not be changed and stirred to do more. That deep pit of uneasy hurt crashes through the ego, floods through all of your plans for success and life of bowed down to self. The frivolity’s of your own norm are weighed and in your heart and in your mind you go into a completely different human setting, an earth shattering mode that compels you to give of yourself without selfish gain.

That’s what moves me about missions.

That ache to travel and to be a part of that world where people are in need. The need is not hard to miss, look around you—wherever you are the need is thriving, beating like a drum in society. We collect on it like a cultural currency yet neglect the true intent. Don’t be afraid to step out and do what God has called us to do. To go into this world and in our own backyard and speak about Him is the most fulfilling life you will ever lead.


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