LA Dream Center pt. 2





These are only a few of the pictures from my trip last fall to Los Angeles,California.  Our missions team was the largest serving that week and much needed for the staff and volunteers of The Dream Center. Each day we dispersed into smaller groups to fill the need at the facility. My group primarily dealt with loading, sorting, and passing out groceries to people in need. We packed together countless bags of fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and loaves of bread and  gave to the people of LA.

When standing in that food line you saw a massive mix of emotions among the faces of wives,husband’s, father’s, mother’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, grandma’s, grandpa’s and children.  I can imagine it’s very humbling to reach for help when there is a great need in your life. Children reached out for bags of oranges and the eyes of the elderly welled up with thankfulness. One of the areas we visited was Compton. We got right in the middle of one of the most infamously dangerous neighborhoods and served the people with all God has given us. After our line of distribution and the bags had been taken, the trucks were packed up and we as a group gathered together in the local park to pray for the people of Compton. Many of those who were in our food line linked up with us; holding our hands in agreement and knowing that the God we serve is the reason for the peace they now see in their neighborhood. I stood in awe and complete reverence of all God was doing in my own heart as I got to touch the lives of those people briefly.

The part of our trip that truly melted my heart was when we were able to pray with people one on one for the needs and struggles in their lives. It was so encouraging to be able to take their hands and pray for strength and healing–something  that their hearts so desperately needed.

This is why I support missions and Lord willing plan on being involved domestically and internationally with the #loveyourneighbor missions team with  Church on the Move. You never regret serving and doing the things that are eternal, because the mandate is high and the reward is more precious than anything this world can offer.

If you would like to be apart of my next trip– which is coming up, the Summer of 2015; you can donate to The New York City Dream Center trip by visiting my link below.


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