45 days.

45 days until I step on a plane headed to the infamous Los Angeles, California. Being a Florida native, the salt air has been my oxygen for many years. But this coast, this state, and this city has not been ventured by my feet. I can’t help feeling like this chapter is unreal and that all of this is happening to someone, somewhere else, and not really to me. My heart has dreamed to move across the land and touch people’s lives with God’s word. I’ve prepared for this. I’ve planned for this and for so many years I wondered if this day would ever come. When my church announced this trip everything in me leapt for joy.

I felt like a piece of me was being revived from a deep sleep and it began to breathe in the oxygen of reality. Learning to love the season you are in takes patience and a lot of hope. Hope that those dreams lodged deep in your heart will come to fruition, because they will if they are God-breathed.

My God never forgets.

Never forgets the prayers my lips utter or the longings my heart mutters. He simply never forgets, but waits and fulfills all in His plan. I am very excited for the opportunity to serve and to love on people who the rest of the world has forgotten or lost hope in. I will be sharing photo’s and journal entries from my week spent at The LA Dream Center. Believe with me that God will use our team to touch lives in LA. After all, it’s all His glory and we are just the vessel. What are you gearing up for this fall? Is there anything God has been putting on your heart? I pray that He would direct your steps and use you to “go ye”.



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