But what do I have?

A little while back I was sitting and talking with a friend who had been going through a pretty hard time in her life. As she spilled what was on her heart and where she was, I kept thinking: Lord, what do I have to offer her? I’ve never been in the situation she was experiencing and wanted her to know that I was there for her no matter what. One of the many things I love about God is that He sees our willing hearts and uses us even when we feel inadequate or not up to par.

My friend wasn’t looking for an eloquent speech but to be heard and reminded that God is fighting for her and that she would get through this. I love how God uses us, His people, in everyday situations to bring about His purpose. I was reminded of this the other day, that when we feel not good enough–God comes in and fills us up to more than enough. He uses us right where we are.

When we go questioning ourselves and our abilities we shift our focus off of Him and onto us. But it’s not us who makes the difference but God in us. So, what is it that you have to give to others?

You have the Holy One living on the inside of you.
You have the authority through Him who died in your place.
You have His power and His might and His guidance through His Spirit.
You have everything you need to conquer this life and bring other people into His love.

Together, let’s be bold. Let’s win this generation for Christ. And let us not forget the high call and mandate on our lives to live it all for Him.


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