Just a question to find your heart’s desire and life’s passion…

What do you crave?

Maybe it’s something you crave to do.
Something you crave to see.
Or even to be apart of.

Maybe, just maybe that crave scratches and beckons for something more. Something deeper. And if the answer to that is yes, what are you doing about it? Maybe you don’t know where to look, where to search out that crave/desire/dream.

So many cravings–really passion’s and dreams are put on the back burner. We, not anyone else tend to disqualify ourselves by thinking we just aren’t enough. That we don’t have enough “oomph” or “zing” to be or to go after that dream. Has anything killed your dream? What was it? How can you revive it? I believe that God given desires and passions don’t just go away. There are certainly seasons in our life of preparation, and being faithful where we are planted. But dreams from God we can stake our life on, by following His word and believing His promises.

Wherever you are fight for your dream. Fight for that crave. That crave…that will produce patience,character, and will mold your future. And count God as faithful, because He has never been unfaithful!


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