I just finished this semester last Wednesday and boy was I ready for it to come to a close.

I am always geared up and ready to go before a semester but right in the middle I get that lull and start to feel like this class(es) will never end. Since I had already finished my previous class–due to it being an 8 week class, I had just my one class to go– for this semester– and then I would have only about a month of freedom until summer classes.

yay. (insert sarcastic enthusiasm here.)

But honestly, I’m thankful for education and that I have the privilege to go to school and learn more. Yet, in all of that knowledge intake I’m sure each of us have felt like there’s got to be more. I used to feel that way when I was in high school. I would wonder off mentally during a slow point and look out the window. I would think of all the things that I could be doing and how I could be out there in that world and be doing “something”. During those years of my life I became heavily involved in volunteering in my church and it fostered a love for people and for reaching out deeper. So many times, I can catch myself doing this same thing…wondering off and thinking there’s more.

More to do…

More to be done…

Just more.

 This last class really slapped me back to reality and this one truth has been a constant reminder when school gets so long and work hours seem to never end. Preparation. With  the end of my English class nearing, I was one out of 3 or 4 students who was still participating in my class. After the midterm, myself and my Professor started to see the dramatic decline of student activity on our online class. I say this, because she (my Professor), wrote a little note about that very thing to all of us. It really became pathetic. We started with about 40 or so students at the beginning. But this morning as I checked my grades it reminded me of THE word that has been a constant companion…preparation.

Even in our walk with God, we can get side tracked and fall out of  relationship, just like the students that fell out of participation and the struggle becomes real.



It really is.

Not just in our education but in every aspect of our life. If there is no preparation there can’t be a forward motion. My Professor, was wonderful! I actually wrote her a thank you note at the end of this semester to tell her how much I appreciated all she did. Her role is important and you can truly tell when someone is living their passion, I love to see that! But something I did notice in correspondence with my theme of preparation was that not just my Professor but within myself, is that we were always present. Being present is something I have had to work on. It’s easy to titillate our brains into thinking of the grandeur of our future and all we are going to accomplish and experience; that we so conveniently miss the present. The time in which our preparation is at it’s peak. God uses ordinary people and ordinary circumstances to fulfill His extraordinary details and plans.


So be encouraged, and know that you have the strength and ability through God for this season of preparation and learn how to be present. Each moment is important and at times preparation can not seem significant but God prepares us and has you and me exactly where He wants us. He will use you right where you are, even in preparation. Don’t give up, keep moving forward and growing deeper!



Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

-Galations 6:9


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