Word to the wise, with tired eyes.

 As a nursing student, wife, and full time employee, when Monday morning rolls around and my alarm blares it’s musical charade I’m going to be honest there’s a bit of a groan.

Okay, ok ALOT of a groan that roars out from my being.


So much so that, some songs that I once favored have become like nails on a chalkboard because they are either my wake-up for work alarm or my alarm to come back from lunch/break. You would think I would change them…and I probably will after writing this and thinking how awful they are to hear in the morning. They meaning my alarms. But I find myself inexplicably tired today. To say it’s been a slow start of the week would be like a dream! But know this, I am on day three of my six day work week and it feels as though I have only begun. Have you ever had one of those days that you are dragging so intensely that you could probably pour your coffee down the drain cause it is not going to even touch the fatigue?

 Yep, that’s today for me.

OF course it would be on the week of finals!!!!!!!!!!! But despite my tired little eyes and the groannings of being up before light I am confident in knowing my God gives me strength to not just get through–but rise above. So, if you are like me today and the world is a bit too sunny and instead you wish you were in bed with cookies and Netflix with your cats, you are not alone.

 We got this! Bedhead and all!

Be encouraged, Isaiah 40:29–He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.


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