Ever so fleeting and yet  still time gets away from us without our notice.

I have been M.I.A. from the blogging world for about two or three weeks now. I will confess that every time I would get my alert that it’s Friday and I need to blog it up–it just wasn’t going to be happening. I would push ignore on my reminder and continue on with my day.

Enter the wake of “procrastination”.

Sometimes we can do that with more important things in our life,huh?

Almost as if we keep pressing the snooze on time and life thinking that we will just conquer it tomorrow, or in the future. If we aren’t careful our relationship with God can get this way. Completely stagnant and unmoving. We can set reminders, and times to study, pray, worship, and selah with our God but if we don’t actually do it our good intentions become nothing more than empty words. Last night as I meandered into zzz’s  I mulled over the verse found in Revelation 3:16; So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

That’s crazy, right?!

Then I started thinking about what it means to be really hot…and I mean really on fire for God. I tried to scale it down to what we know as hot and cold in the physical. The hottest element that I could think of was lava, and how it moves rapidly and just consumes. Of course even fire, the deepest part of a flame is that white and blue towards the center.

That’s where you and I need to be.

Have you ever put a pine cone in a fire? It pops and fizzles and spews out flames and ash. You feel the repercussions of this natural “ignitor”. I like to think that this is how the Word is in our hearts when we spend time with God. It pops and fizzes it’s way into our soul and fills us up! The fire of God consumes the old man and makes us new and alive unto God as a re-birthed heart fully awake unto Him.

Along this journey though you will miss it. You will fall and you will need to apply some ignitor into your heart once again.The Word says; The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again…(Prov. 24:16) We will. We will get up, and keep paddling against the current of the world. It takes guts to live for God in these times. But it’s worth it. It’s an adventure of re-learning and staying teachable and devoting our life to please Him. It’s a small cost with a high reward and a life full of peace and perseverance. So if your not there yet, don’t worry. But don’t let that keep you from not pushing forward, moving past, and stepping into the plan God has for you.If you aren’t where you need to be; come back to Him, come to Him, and wildly go after Him. This life was meant for us to live and worship our God. When we draw close to Him we hear His heartbeat for the lost and broken.

Be watchful.

Be ready.

Stay teachable.

and be present…

The relearning is the lesson. Even after you’ve learned the basics, stay teachable. Keep working to understand and articulate your faith. Keep improving at work. Learn the nuances of relationships. Learn your spouse. Learn yourself. Figure out where your blind spots are. Get a mentor. No matter the subject, keep learning. … A great article from Amy Henry at WorldMag.com


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