Color Run-2013 Tulsa


       Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in a 5k. Something I’ve never done before but am getting acclimated to quickly are these fun runs. And how fitting, yesterday we the mass of color runners shared together in a moment of silence for those affected in Boston this past week. Our hearts mourn for those affected and our prayers will not be void. No matter how much America tries to push God out of the picture, deep down their hearts know and recognize the peace and true power of God alone. That’s encouraging to me. That means that when its all said and done, people of this country do remember who formed them.

    One thing I did notice before we leaped into action, was a Color Crew member had us all sing the Star Spangled Banner…with the event being held at the Veteran’s park my heart stopped as I thought about my Grandpa and all that he did for our country. How he was willing to give his life for us, to protect us and to aid in our freedom. Right then and there as I quietly sang with the masses I told myself that this race was for him. So yesterday I enjoyed life, I leaped through color and bathed in the sun and music with friends and loved living in victory with God! Coming to that finish line was an incredible feeling. One I will always cherish.


In Loving Memory of:

Frank C. Hild

US Marine Corp



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