putting down the suitcases.

So, nearing the midnight hour I tossed myself to the edge of my bed and tapped out these ponderings of our own mere wanderings in this life…

Here it is:

We keep these embers of regret so that we are this complicated little project that no one can understand or aid in any way. We cry for mercy and help and wonder why our shoulders slump forward as we jam more luggage to the load and heave it on the adventure and journey of our life. Eventually though, you will get tired and depressed. You’ll be bombarded with suitcases, carry-on’s, personal items, wheeled luggage, and backpacks–that will unforgivingly slap you in the face and urge you onto defeat.

You see this luggage, these suitcases won’t make it through life’s security…the security and hope we find in only One. There comes a point and time in our lives that we have to realize our past doesn’t define our future…unless we let it. We’ve been given the authority and instruction on how to live and overcome in this life. We can’t allow the excuse of day-to-day life cripple our purpose and ultimately what we were born for.

And there’s a lot of luggage out there.

Luggage of misdirection,rejection,regret, insults/put downs, confusion, etc.

What ping pongs in my head are the words from my Commander Kellie VHS long ago; ” The devil is a liar, Superkids…” He is the father of lies and his main purpose is to steal, to kill, and to destroy you. Why are we as the Body of Christ confused by this? Why do we place blame on the Creator when truly the deceiver is the one who’s causing the hold up through security? It’s easy to carry the luggage and lies, but you don’t need to.

God has given us the authority and direction; if we would just delve into His word. It takes us stepping out and moving into the very presence of Him to shake of the dander of death. His love unpacks that baggage that burdens our hearts and He refreshes our entity.

Let us not forget that baggage is easily accessible and can be a battle everyday to pick up and the struggle to leave it behind. But if we stand fast to the Word…if we hold onto His hand…our pass into Security everyday of our lives becomes easier and easier with time.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7


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