electricity. pt. 1

So this past week my light bulbs in my kitchen have been committing suicide.

I don’t know if they just feel hopeless or aren’t aware of their purpose and intent but they have popped and fizzled themselves into darkness instead of bringing light to my kitchen. Whether it’s the wattage or even just old wiring that wasn’t properly installed we have to replace those darn light bulbs once again. So my light bulbs got me thinking.

We are kinda like that, aren’t we?! Like light bulbs, I mean.

When we are installed and established in the Word of God our lives shine so bright for Him that any darkness that attempts to camp out–the truth is then revealed and we diminish the darkness. We are turned on by the power of God that we find our purpose in His light, and in His truth. But so often we want out desires, our truths, our passions, and ultimately our way. Like a giant man child spoiled rotten until he gets his wantings. And really doesn’t that boil down to us not knowing who we are and what our purpose is? Our intent in this life and what we were created for, can only be found in God. When we aren’t rooted in Him, we pop and fizz our way into darkness.

I’m going to stretch this analogy just a little further, so bear with me?!

That light bulb’s purpose is to illuminate my kitchen. So that, I can cook, I can clean. And goodness, you never know who will come into my kitchen and need something. Or even want to give me groceries. In all seriousness—what I’m saying is this. We don’t know what lives we are going to touch by our light shining so brightly. We don’t know how our words can encourage, uplift, and bring about peace when we are plugged into God.

If we aren’t plugged in, we miss it.

We just miss it.

We miss our purpose and intent to show the love of God to this world and the true peace that only God can give. But don’t be discouraged if you’ve missed it. We all have. We’ve missed it sometimes, everyday. Replace your light bulb, and plug back into God and see how He will use you and give you the most incredible, unmatched, peace and purpose.


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