I’m already chasing this new year pretty ferociously! I decided on Monday that Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday were dedicated gym days. Myself and all those other ‘in-tenders’ of goals in the New Year found ourselves banging down the doors of our convenient 24/7 fitness center. The workout was quite satisfying to say the least. All the frustrations that 2012 packed on seemed to ease away in sweat form. I always look forward to the ‘afterburn’ of working out, kind of like when you have the second day burn from tanning,you know you’re going to be a golden goddess–that’s the same with my ‘afterburn’ workout. When I feel that burn, I know I worked myself hard and true.
Working out physically is a lot like working out spiritually. We have to train our physical muscles and break down the fat that tries to rob us of our quality of life and mobility. In our spiritual life we have to exercise the muscles of our heart and spirit to coincide with the Word of God so that we can claim victory over the enemy’s strongholds. When I was a little girl I would compare the full feeling you get after eating KFC Chicken to the way I felt after I would read my Bible before bed. I physically felt like I was full and satisfied after reading God’s word. That is a great feeling! To know the fullness of God and to crave and hunger for that is intoxicating.
There’s so many ways we can work out spiritually. One of the most powerful things we can do is to pray in the Spirit. The Word says that when we pray in the Spirit we are speaking mysteries that only God understands. This is our Heavenly prayer language, our direct communication to God. We can pray the prayer of intercession for family, friends, our job, protection, etc. We can also speak out the Word and make it abound in our live’s. When we talk about speaking the Word of God the word we refer to is “Rhema”. When we begin just those basics of our sprititual fit plan, we build our faith. We re-enforce, just like steel beams in a warehouse that keep the structure sound, all that we’ve built in our communion with God by reading His Word and meditating on it. Now when I say ‘meditate’ I mean exactly this: to think on, to ponder, to mentally chew over, to evaluate, come back to time and time again. Our lives should never have an intermission in our relationship with God. Our purpose is to worship Him for all the greatness He is. Out of His love and greatness we spill out onto the world His heart for them.

We have to be furious in our pursuit.
Furious in our walk.
Furious in our word and deed.

It’s easy to get distracted when you are running long, but keep forward and put your blinders on. Focus on the One who’s most important and He will direct every move forward.

Our lives need to be the mirror image of Him.


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