Congratulations! It’s a…2013!

 2013 snuck right on into our lives at the stroke of midnight.
   As we got out the sparkling Welch’s grape juice and counted down with the rest of America–you can’t help but have the past year flash by before your eyes. 
Invitation to get together’s,Starbucks coffee dates, LINK events with friends,game night’s,water gun fights,Texas Ranger baseball games, Dallas Cowboy’s VIP tour and staying up late shopping for Christmas presents. Then there was football games, footed pajama’s, the blazing heat of summer in Oklahoma that made life mirror Zion…times spent laughing,crying,overzealous, and discouraged.  Times of hope and inspiration and times where we leaned on God more than ever before.
 I feel great about this year as I look upon the horizon. Good things are in store not just for me and my family but I certainly believe for you and your’s as well. It’s time to giddy-up on the purposes,determinations,plans, goals, intentions, and resolutions, and be people who go out and conquer. Thankfully the next three days I get to spend hanging out with one of the most amazing guys I know…my husband! 
Here are some things I will be delving into the next few days:
-Bible (This year I’m going to read all the way through it. I have before but in bits and pieces and not in an orderly fashion.)
-Mercy Triumphs Devotional by Beth Moore
-The Teflon Rhino by Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries


Happy New Year!!!


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