That’s the amount of people that die in a day. At the risk of sounding morbid coming off such a wonderful Christmas season. I stopped and thought about that number today. 
That’s a lot of people.

I can’t help but miss my family who have gone on before me into heaven. I rejoice with them, yet my earthly heart still aches for them as I go down memory lane. Out of all those people returning to dust…new life is being born. Over one billion people are born a year and 352,755 are born every single day. Out of that 52,755 new lives that are formed and just beginning, we still can not replicate that one out of 300,000 that was near our hearts and in our everyday lives.  I don’t think that feeling of loss ever truly goes away. It certainly lessens over time but it’s still with you. Almost like your maiden name when you get married.  I’m always a Mulligan, however that chapter of my life has closed and in that process a new life, a new chapter has been born. I am now my husband’s family and mine his. When I reminisce of the time in my younger years, the flaws and failures that colored my past like the next person it’s as though I truly have been re-birthed. Not a perfect un-flawed form but one of experience,growth, and re-growth…and still growing. I like to mirror this with our relationship with God. Here we are a maiden to the world, going through life and having society tackle us with it’s injustices. And God the perfect Groom sweeps us off our feet and makes our hearts skip a beat in His presence. He renames us with His name, He clothes us with His robe, and washes our undeserving feet into redemption.  I think each of us are enlightened at what this love really is through our own experience. For me, I think I’ve begun to scratch the surface of God’s love through my marriage and how truly undeserving we are, but accepted…



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