This blog is really to be a haven for my mind space. A true purging of the soul in my down time. It’s always hysterical that whenever I set my sights to do a project that involves writing I can never truly stick it to a rigid regimen. It’s like my inspiration comes in spurts and I can only truly divulge when technology is not at hand. I’ve made a habit for years now, of keeping a well-worn Moleskine journal with me at all times. I found that I would randomly wake at night with incredible words in my mind and during my high school years I would keep a pen and paper on my nightstand.

Weird. I know.

I’ve learned to embrace it and truly I find such a satisfaction in putting pen to paper. I even make lists on sticky notes.

So. Many. Sticky. Notes.

That I find all around my apartment…in purses, stuffed in a drawer, in an old notebook or planner. Yeah, I’m that person. One thing for sure I can guarantee is that I’m ready for this journey, this sweet release into the blogging world. Here’s to the journey and adventure of life as we know it.

Join me.


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